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·Grade 70 Load Binder
·En Standardload Binder
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>>Wire Rope Clip
>>Winch And Winch Bar
>>G 80/100 Lifting Componets


About us
Qingdao Dayu Rigging Co., Ltd. (Dayu Rigging Factory) is a professional rigging processing enterprises, the site is located in the town of Jimo City, Baimiao Ao Shan Wei , west of Jinan-Qingdao Road, Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, East Pro 308 State Road, south Liuting International Airport, geographical location and convenient transportation. Qingdao Dayu Rigging Co., Ltd. Main exports hook series, shackles series, spent Portland series, rotating ring series. Our advanced equipment and technology class, comple ...... More
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